Probably The Best Company

Well in our humble opinion We are the Best!

Our focus is simple: Business is Technology. Period. In todays world we are connected all the time. No one can leave their desk without taking their smart phone. Google, Facebook and Linked are kings of business. Ife your technology is not front and center of your thoughts - you are in business trouble.

We operate in the cloud with a simple truth: Website + Software = Sales.



Website Design

Your first impression must be your best impression. By focusing on solid proven marketing techniques we help get your message across. Fast.  More...

Software Creation

Your business software is alive for one reason and one reason only and that is to make you money. We view your software as the heart and soul of your business. More...

Sales Consulting

Part and parcel to your success is your consistent ability to make the sale. Our job is to design and construct technological methods to drive revenue based on your unique sales model. More...

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Our Work


Our parent company. We have honed the tech blade for nearly 20 years specializing in building human resources software and solutions for more than 5000 companies worldwide.


A division of PointHR existing because of how we designed the software. In a nutshell we can spin up a completely private labeled version of the PointHR software to allow regionally based companies to sell PointHR services under their own name.


 The National Legal and Court Professionals Network is in progress.


This module of the PointHR web-based workforce management suite features robust functionality in time and attendance, scheduling, payroll, and more.