An Improved Approach to Design

There are only 3 REASONS to visit a website:

  • Get Information.
  • Make a Purchase.
  • Be entertained.

As a business you are marketing your website to people who want information, and most importantly want to make a purchase. Anything that detracts from those two goals is doing your company a disservice. Although many entertaining items: Flash, Java, Large Graphics, Animated .gif files, Music, Flashing text, Scrolling banners, Pop-ups, or anything that distracts from your main message affects your creditbility and ultimately costs you customers.

You only have 4 SECONDS to make an impression.

On average that is all you are going to get. You have 4 seconds to get across who and what your company is and what you can offer a prospective client. If in the first 4 seconds your website is playing a flash movie, music, loading files, or has no information on it's front page, you have failed! There are thousands of entertainment websites on the internet, all more entertaining than yours, do you really think someone came to you website to be entertained by your flash intro and hear some catchy background music? Let them go to Facebook!

Focus on the 5 POINTS of your website.

  • Make a sale.
  • Make a bigger sale.
  • Make more money on the sale.
  • Get more sales.
  • Make another sale.

Your website my be the only contact that a client or prospect may ever have with your company.
You MUST ensure that your FIRST impression is your BEST impression.